Bauma 2022 – Great interest to our products!

Thank you for the great interest in our products at Bauma 2022!

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Bauma 2022

KASKOD-MTRONIX will be participating in the world’s largest construction machinery trade fair - Bauma 2022.

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BUDMA 2020 – a great success!

We would like to thank the visitors and our host – Diamond-Service EU, Cuttronix distributor in Poland.

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Bauma 2019 – a great success!

Thank you for visiting our stand at Bauma 2019 and making the show a big success! We hope you enjoyed the trad

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Electronica 2018

KASKOD-MTRONIX participated in trade show Electronica 2018 in Munich on November 13-16. There was a great inte

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New Two Channel KRES104-429

New KRES104-429 Two Channel PC/104 Syncro/Resolver/Inductosyn/LVDT subsystem board offer programmable features

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productronica 2017

KASKOD-MTRONIX OÜ will participate at the Fair – Productronica 2017 on November 14-17 in Munich, hall B

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Electronica and ELMIA

KASKOD-MTRONIX participated in two trade shows: Electronica 2016, Messe Munich, and ELMIA Subcontractor 2016,

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Fairs ONS

29.08. – 01.09. 2016 KASKOD-MTRONIX OÜ participated in the delegation of the Republic of Estonia at the

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At the IMECC (Innovative Manufacturing Engineering Systems Competence Center) in Tallinn a meeting between KAS

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Conference INDUSTRY

KASKOD-MTRONIX OÜ participated in International Conference INDUSTRY 4.0 IN PRACTICE June 2-3, 2016, Tallinn,

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Fairs 2016

KASKOD-MTRONIX OÜ interacting with EAS was selected to participate in the delegation of the Republic of Eston

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KASKOD-MTRONIX OÜ and MACCON GmbH agreed on joint cooperation in the research and development of new electric

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Estonian Electronics Industries Association

KASKOD-MTRONIX became a member of the Estonian Electronics Industries Association to improve cooperation in re

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products & services


Integrated Mechatronic Solutions

KASKOD-MTRONIX's new engineering products closely integrate mechanics, electrics and electronics, as well as microprocessor control and software technology, which results in lower costs and improved functionality and reliability.

Switched Reluctance Motor / Generator Technology

SRM/SRG have ''toothed'' stator and rotor, and have neither windings nor permanent magnets in the rotor. For their operation, as in case of DC brushless motors, the power electronic converter, which is controlled in accordance with the rotor angle position, is necessary.

ISRCdrive™ Technology

KASKOD-MTRONIX, using the advantages of switched reluctance motor technology developed an innovative motor concept that integrates the three previously standalone units into a single harmonious entity.